Services & Products



Pro-Tech Scaffolding provides only top-quality scaffolds for commercial and industrial clients.

Our products include steel scaffolds and aluminium scaffolds.
The services we offer have been created through a system of experience throughout our years of service in our community, our ideology that consists of putting our client’s needs first, and our in-depth knowledge of both commercial and industrial projects.
Step 1:
First, contact Pro-Tech Scaffolding and tell us about your project and needs. If needed, we will come out and inspect the job site and put together a comprehensive strategy, a material list, pricing, a delivery schedule and an end date for scaffold dismantle.
Step 2:
Our qualified staff will deliver the scaffolding components directly to your job site on schedule and off-load the parts. Then our professional scaffolders and leading hands will erect the scaffold according to your needs. We will build the scaffold up to the desired height, ensuring safety and compliance with all codes met.
Step 3:
Pro-Tech will perform regular safety inspections and scaffold tag updating every 28 days. We will also perform hop-up adjustments, tie relocations, and general maintenance as needed to ensure ongoing safety precautions are met.

Our goal is your success. Let Pro-Tech’s professional scaffolders make sure your next commercial or industrial project is a success, too.
Step 4:
When your project is completed successfully, our highly skilled and qualified scaffolders, lead hands, and scaffold supervisors will be on site to perform a dismantle of the scaffold to ensure it is safely removed from the premises.
Contact us to schedule an appointment for your FREE no-obligation quote today, and we’ll get you where you need to go. With Pro-Tech scaffolding, nothing is out of reach.